What is an Emerging Leaders Club?

It gives early childhood students, graduates and new teachers the opportunity to meet regularly with experts in the field and to enhance their development as early childhood professionals.

Why should I participate?

Idaho AEYC will immerse you in the early childhood education community and provide a supportive network for professional development and continued learning.

Idaho AEYC membership and participation in Emerging Leaders activities is an investment that supports your career and professional development. The benefits include:

  • Access to job listings

  • Resume posting

  • Monthly roundtable discussions

  • Networking with other early childhood professionals

  • Regional, state and national conferences

  • Professional resources

Learn more about the benefits on our membership page!


Upcoming Idaho AEYC Statewide Roundtable Discussion Topics:

  • Professionalism in Early Childhood Education

  • Beyond Pinterest: Appropriate Curriculum Development

  • Communication: Peers, Parents and the Importance of Discretion

  • Practical Application of Best Practices

  • Successful Resume Writing

  • How to Present My Professional Self: Tips on Interviews and Portfolio Building

  • Why Advocacy is Important

  • What is an “Emergent Curriculum?”

Starting an Emerging Leaders Club on Your Campus

Starting up

  • Identify a faculty adviser as required by most universities and colleges.

  • Contact the Associated Students office or Student Involvement Center on your campus to determine the process and requirements for establishing a club.

At least two weeks before first meeting

  • Recruit!! Ask instructors/professors for 5 minutes to speak to students in early childhood development and education classes. Include all levels – from freshmen to graduate students. Hand out the Idaho AEYC fliers highlighting the benefits of the club.

  • Develop a club site through the system used on your campus to promote clubs and communicate events.

  • Invite early childhood faculty and/or early childhood professionals to come to the meeting and share their personal stories of how membership in NAEYC and Idaho AEYC has enhanced their careers.

  • Create your own fliers and post in appropriate locations around campus. Include the date, time, place and topic of discussion for meetings/events. Remember to remove them after the meeting has taken place!

During first meeting

  • Provide refreshments!

  • Hear from the early childhood faculty and/or early childhood professionals you invited to speak.

  • Show examples of journals and professional resources connected with membership.

  • Generate ideas from students for advocacy activities and areas of professional development. This will create the framework for your club calendar.

  • Discuss starting a blog for ideas.

  • Encourage participation in Emerging Leaders Statewide Roundtable Discussions. This will include hosting and getting new teachers in your community involved.

  • Elect key leaders as needed to meet requirements of your Associated Students organization. This core group will need to meet and communicate regularly to keep things moving.

  • Create a master calendar of monthly meetings throughout the school year.

After first meeting

  • Key leaders should determine a time and method for regular communication either through phone calls or meetings.

  • Circulate the master calendar. Post it on the Idaho AEYC website.

  • Did you remember to remove those fliers?