The Need

Working families across Idaho understand that high-quality pre-K is neither accessible nor affordable. It isn’t fair to ask that they choose between putting food on the table and having a safe, nurturing place for their child to learn and grow. 

Too many Idaho children are starting Kindergarten too far behind, and we will never improve outcomes in K-12 without addressing pre-K in a meaningful way. Conservative and liberal states across the country have taken steps to invest in this crucial area. It’s time for Idaho to join them. 

  • Idaho is one of only six states that does not currently invest in public preschool options. 
  • Almost half of Idaho’s children enter kindergarten without basic foundational skills.
  • Only 30% of Idaho children are enrolled in preschool.
  • Head Start programs only serve 20% of eligible families due to lack of state funding. (1) 
  • Most Idaho parents say there is a lack of affordable, high-quality early childhood programs in their area. (2) 
  • Children of low socioeconomic status often receive lower-quality care and education and have limited access to programs. (3)