Summer Learning Ideas

Throughout the summer, we are highlighting activities you can do at home to help prepare your child for kindergarten.

Tip #1: Focus on Letters

Children who know 12 to 15 letter sounds and letter names when they get to kindergarten have an easier time learning to read. Here are some tips for helping your child recognize letters!

Tip #2: Recognizing Emotions

Helping your child understand and manage emotions is an important part of preparing for school.

Tip #3: Making Friends

Learning how to be a good friend takes a lot of time and practice. As a parent, you can help your child develop important social skills.

Tip #4: Spend Time on Rhymes

Children who know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they're 4 years old are among the most successful readers in third grade.

Tip #5: Keep the Conversation Going

Children should hear their parents talk to them 30 times an hour.

Tip #6: Retell Stories

When you encourage your child to retell the beginning, middle and end of a story, you are building your child’s comprehension and problem-solving skills.

Tip #7: Ease the Transition to Kindergarten

Starting school can be scary and exciting for both you and your child, but there are many ways to ease the transition.