Student Poster Contest

We are seeking student poster presentations for our Professional Development Institute! This is a great opportunity for students to add a state-level poster presentation to their resumes and to share their knowledge with early learning and child care professionals. Our judging panel will score posters based on both appearance and the value of content. The creator(s) of the winning poster will receive an Idaho AEYC Standard Membership and additional prizes. The deadline for submissions is May 1.   

The contest, organized by Idaho AEYC's Emerging Leaders Leadership Council, is open to all technical college and undergraduate students. To enter, you must be registered to attend the conference here

Poster criteria:

While posters are not uniform, most generally include:

  1. Title/topic

  2. Presenter(s) name(s)

  3. Faculty sponsor (if applicable)

  4. Institutional affiliation

  5. Abstract/summary

  6. Important information about the topic

  7. Findings/results

  8. Recommendations for early childhood professionals

  9. List of references

  • Posters should be no smaller than 24” x 36” and no larger than 40” x 48”.

  • Posters will be placed on provided easels.

  • Poster lettering should be at least 16-point font size.

  • Information on the poster should be concise, easy to read and applicable to early learning and child care professionals.

  • Graphs, pictures, charts and tables are always helpful and make the poster interesting.

Posters will be on display both days of the conference and will need to be up by 7:30 a.m. The students do not need to be present for the entire conference, though availability during breaks and lunches would be a plus! Students will need to be present during the Saturday morning judging. Students or their instructors are responsible for transportation, set up and take down. Idaho AEYC cannot be responsible for posters that are not picked up.

Questions? Please contact Laurie Demko at