Preschool The Idaho Way Grants

With the launch of Preschool the Idaho Way last fall, Idaho AEYC released an in-depth toolkit that guides communities and individuals through the process of creating local early learning collaboratives and developing high-quality preschool opportunities. Now, we are offering grants to support the planning phase outlined in the toolkit. The grants will range from $5,000 to $10,000 and support the development of an actionable plan to create, expand or enhance a community’s preschool programs for children ages 4 to 5. A second grant opportunity, for implementation of those plans, will open later this year.

Applications are now closed. We will inform applicants about grant decisions on Wednesday, April 17.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the planning grant be used for?

The RFP application includes a sample budget form that lists several categories to consider when planning your collaborative’s budget, such as staff, supplies and operation costs. The planning grant can be used to cover travel expenses, printing costs, location fees and other identified costs the collaborative will incur in the planning process. It will be up to your collaborative to decide the best use of funds to meet your objectives.

Do we need to have committed partners prior to the RFP application deadline?

Yes, you should attain at least three partners by the time the RFP is submitted. This is to ensure your collaborative is sound and able to move forward in an effective and timely manner.

How much time should it take to complete the RFP?

The time will vary based on where a community is in the planning process and the grant-writing experience of the applicant. Some communities are further along, whereas others are only forming. Our best estimate is to plan on devoting approximately 10 to 20 hours to complete the RFP.

What are the age considerations the community collaborative will focus on?

Although some efforts may take place in locations that serve ages 0 to 3, Preschool the Idaho Way targets the need for new or expanded preschool opportunities for ages 4 to 5, or one year prior to starting kindergarten. 

If you have additional questions, email Collaborative Director Erika Lewis at