Great Connections, Memories, Laughs and Learning

This past May, we had an amazing time at the Idaho AEYC Professional Development Institute!

Hundreds of early childhood professionals throughout Idaho had the opportunity to advance their education, professional learning and knowledge of high-quality early childhood education.

They also had the opportunity to make great connections and network with colleagues from across the state.

Our keynote speakers were incredible!

Rhian Evans Allvin, the CEO of NAEYC, inspired us to embrace early childhood education as a true profession.  Josh Hutchinson helped us to learn about the impact traumatic stress has on our youngest children. And finally, Dr. Drew, engaged us to recognize and practice the power of play in all early learning environments (see video).  I know that many of you left inspired and excited about the future of early learning in Idaho.

Here is what a few of you had to say:

     “The presenters were excellent!”

     “The conference was amazing and I appreciated the keynotes.”

     “The variety of workshops was great! Quality was great!”

     “Energizing! Very organized and professional!”

     “Practical and useful information I can take back to my classroom.”

In the field of early education, we know these opportunities are rare and only available when communities come together and support events such the Idaho AEYC Professional Development Institute.

Idaho AEYC is committed to advancing the early learning profession across Idaho. We are dedicated to providing the best professional development opportunities to our members and early childhood educators.

We will continue to advocate for children, families and the early childhood workforce. Our goals are big and our journey is long but we know that together, all children in Idaho will thrive and learn in a society dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential.

Thank you again for those of you who attended this year’s Professional Development Institute and for all the great connections, memories, laughs and learning that took place. (And for those of you who couldn’t attend, we hope to see you next year!)

To learn more about Idaho AEYC and the work we do on behalf of early learning on our Impact page.

Beth Oppenheimer
Exectuive Director, Idaho AEYC