Looking for Quality Child Care?


Why Quality Matters

Investing in a child's success early on is critical – 90% of brain development occurs before children turn five years old.  A child’s experiences during their early years shape their future growth and development. 

Quality care involves a safe place for children to play and explore. Safety is not only in the physical surrounding - it's emotional as well. It's important for your child to find toys and areas that are appropriate for his or her state of development; it's equally important that he or she feels welcomed, loved and comfortable with those who care for him or her. A good caregiver is loving and responsive, respects the child's individuality and offers quality surrounding for play and exploration.

What to Look for in a Program

NAEYC Accreditation.jpg

The Value of an NAEYC-Accredited Program

When you choose an NAEYC-Accredited program, you are joining a program that has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in early childhood education. You have high expectations... and so do we.


Steps to Quality

Steps To Quality is Idaho's child care Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), which measures the quality of care in center and home-based child care settings. Steps To Quality also provides child care programs with a set of tools to cultivate a high-quality setting.


Financial Assistance

The Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP) provides child care assistance to low-income, working families by paying for a portion of child care. For more information, please visit: