Idaho AEYC's Stick Your Neck Out for Idaho's Children Celebration and Fundraiser is an opportunity to honor leaders who have shown a strong commitment and made a tremendous impact on early learning programs throughout Idaho.

Together we can improve early learning for all children in Idaho. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

The Stick Your Neck Out for Idaho's Children Awards are presented annually to Idahoans who have demonstrated a commitment to quality early care and education. This honor is awarded to individuals in the following categories: Excellence in Early Learning; Visionary, Innovative Leadership; Community Involvement; and Professional Engagement.

Each nomination should include a brief biography of the nominee along with an explanation of why you believe they meet the criteria.

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Stick Your Neck out for Idaho's Children is a unique occasion to celebrate Idahoans who dedicate their lives to helping children thrive. Idaho AEYC is able to host the event every year thanks to generous sponsors and volunteers. If you are passionate about our work and want to support the evening, please contact:

Brandi Lewis, Outreach Coordinator
SYNO Sponsorship Form | 208.338.4725




Larraine Clayton, Visionary, Innovative Leadership
Cathy Kowalski, Excellence in Early Learning
LeAnn Simmons, Community Involvement
Theresia Kituku, Excellence in Early Child Care
Carolyn Kiefer, Visionary, Innovative Leadership
Hollis Brookover, Community Involvement
Jennifer Ross, Professional Engagement
Diane Kofoed, Excellence in Early Child Care
Lori Fascilla, Visionary, Innovative Leadership
Janet Orndorff, In Rembrance, Community Involvement
Mary Olsen, Professional Engagement
Barbi Harrison, Excellence in Early Child Care
Beth Ann Fuller, Visionary, Innovative Leadership
Jim Everett, Community Involvement
Jennifer Brown, Professional Engagement
Genie Sue Weppner
Karen Mason
Janice Fletcher
Doug Fagerness & Idaho Falls City Council
Ammon City Council
Skip & Ester Oppenheimer
Patricia Kempthorne