Investing in our children's early education yields great returns. Children in quality early learning settings are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle, be prepared for school, graduate from high school and be successful later in life.

Idaho AEYC believes that we must invest in Idaho's youngest children to help them have a strong, safe, and healthy start. Local residents can help Idaho AEYC continue providing resources and information to parents, offering educational opportunities to child care providers, and promoting the importance of early education to the communities in Idaho through joining as a member in Idaho AEYC, providing tax-deductible donations, or through volunteer opportunities.

The critical task of improving the quality of child care and education in Idaho will not be achieved by individual efforts; it must be addressed by our community as a whole. State childcare professionals and businesses are currently seeking to improve early education and care through professional development, continuing education, environmental improvements, and through working to ensure that the state-mandated system provides the safeguards and protections that our children need.

Now is the time for our community of parents, providers, school administrators, business leaders, and elected officials to acknowledge the dedication of child care professionals, invest in early education, demand quality child care, and support existing programs as a means to improve the economic, educational, and social futures of Idaho's children.

Become an Advocate

Learn more about issues affecting children and families, contact your legislator with questions or concerns, and help us to make an impact for all young children.