Public policies at the national, state, and local levels have a tremendous impact on supporting the system infrastructure needed to deliver quality programs for all children, on the funding and quality of early childhood education, and on the compensation for services provided by early education and child care professionals.

Idaho AEYC believes that parents are the most important advocate for what is best for their children. Accurate information is needed by parents to ensure quality experiences across the many settings in which children will grow day by day. We also know that child care providers and early educators play a fundamental role in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of the children for which they care.

Idaho AEYC's network of parents, child care providers, early educators, and concerned citizens create an informed voice on what policies are needed to promote the goal of a sustainably funded, high quality system of early education for all children.

Others will speak for us if we do not use our voices to create positive change for Idaho's children. Each person can be the agent of change, or we can be the recipients of changes that we did not influence. Join us to make a difference for Idaho's youngest children.

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